About me

Hi, I'm Sally Achey


I have lived in Middletown Springs for

almost 40 years. I am not a native

Vermonter, but my mother was. She was


born and raised in Poultney, the daughter

of a Welshman whose family had come

to this area to work in the slate industry.

Since she was so proud of her Vermont

roots, it seemed only natural that I would

attend UVM. After
graduation with a

degree in math, I returned to New Jersey.


 One day I found a Vermont tourism ad
  in a Sunday  newspaper. The picture was
  of a beautiful Vermont hillside. The slogan
  touched a chord in my heart and I realized
  that Vermont was “home”. I kept that ad for
  many years.(In fact, it may still be in a box
  in my storeroom).


                     The Slogan 
   “Vermont is not for everyone,
   but for some, it is everything.”


             This is my photo of Vermont.
                The hillside is my hillside.
                     The barn is my barn.

         Middletown Springs, Vermont is my “home”.


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* actuarial dept. of insurance company in mid-town Manhattan
* market research General Motors headqtrs. In Detroit
* computer dept. Central Vermont Public Service, Rutland computer analyst, then manager
* adjunct professor Castleton University business
* forestry company – data base for Green Certification review


* Moonridge Farm – raised Morgan horses and made maple syrup
* co-owner – Moonridge Photography – portrait studio
* owner – The Sensible Dog taught CPR and 1st aid for pets
   therapy (visitation) dog “Tucker” – the therapy dog for Green Mtn. College
                                                                 and the West Rutland Library

Middletown Springs town offices
* Justice of the Peace
* Lister – currently board chair

Middletown Springs Community Church
* member and clerk
* participant in mission trips to a Navajo church in New Mexico
* local outreach – event coordinator for ”Free Indeed”
                                (Donated items collected all year then everything is given away
                                at a summer and a Christmas event)

* Tour de Slate *riding to end addiction”
   Vice President Board of Directors (applying for 501 ( c ) 3 status)
   fundraising bike ride to benefit Teen Challenge Vermont

* training current dog, Penny Pup, for visitation therapy dog work
* kayaking on a local lake (favorite time – early morning)

Married to Stan Achey (42 years), 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren